Saturday, 28 May 2016


Spring leaves spring into mind when seeing this delicious green Milmanda handbag. If you´re into green, this is definitely your bag. If you´re not, Evergreen gives the perfect reason to change your mind!

Yarn with a little bit of metal effect. Lining of striped cotton with a bit of gold. Rivets by the straps. Closes with a magnetic button.

Model: Sol/ Evergreen 001

W: 29,5 cm, H: 28 cm. Straps 56 cm

Price: 50 € including shipping in Europe.

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Monday, 9 May 2016


Introducing another new colour to the Viva! line. This is not quite black, but more like charcoal or very dark grey. Not a very summery tone, unless you happen to like Gothic things or bright red or pink, with which this Milmanda party bag would go quite nicely. One of these days we´ll have another fashion show to prove that!

Tiny sequins around the border. Lining of pink satin with silver dots. Metal effect strap. Closes with a magnetic button.

Model: Viva! Charcoal 001

W: 18 cm, H: 18,5 cm. Strap 85 cm

Price: 30 € including shipping in Europe.

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Monday, 2 May 2016

Baby Jean

Like to wear jeans? Then Baby Jean is The handbag for you! Shades of light blue and gray with a bit of glitter, what more do you want from a chic summer bag? And this handbag is made to last, summer after summer. I´ve had one similar to this one for several years now, and it´s still as good as new.

Lining of off-white cotton. Closes with a metal button to a metal ring. 

Model: Sol / Baby Jean 001

W: 29 cm, H: 26 cm. Strap 81 cm + rings. 
The strap will stretch lightly in use. 

Price: 50 € including shipping in Europe.