Tuesday, 30 June 2015


A new colour to the Viva! collection; peach. It is so yammy that I could eat it! This party bag is The One for summer weddings, confirmation and birthday parties. Or why not for a night out on the town, maybe in some nice holiday resort... who knows?

Hand-plaited strap, discreet jewelry on one side, lining of ornamental print with golden highlights.

Model: Viva! Peachy 001

W: 15 cm, H: 18 cm. Strap 46 cm

Price: 30 € including shipping in Europe. 

Order now! Send email to galleria.milmanda@gmail.com

Friday, 26 June 2015

Another Estrela Scarlet

The bright red handbag is sister to Estrela Scarlet (001), only this one is with plastic handles. A flower print summer dress and Estrela Scarlet - what else do you need for a walk downtown?

Yarn 100 % mercerized cotton, lining cotton print.

Recycled material: lining.

Model: Sol / Estrela Scarlet 002

W: 29 cm, H: 29 cm. 

Price: 65 € including shipping in Europe. 

Order now! Send email to galleria.milmanda@gmail.com

More Pink Dreams

No, this is not a pink cat, this is a Milmanda Pink Dream bag! Fluffy like a puppy, as cute as a bunny! Perfect for summer parties, weddings or birthdays.

Super fluffy yarn with two different shades of pink. Bordered with pink sequins and tiny pink pearls. Pink satin lining with silver dots. A handbag can't get any pinker!

Model: Viva! Pink Dream 002

W: 16 cm, H: 19 cm. Strap 55 cm

Price: 25 € including shipping in Europe. 

Order now: send email to galleria.milmanda@gmail.com 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Cool and chic in a simple way, the Iceberg is an elegant topping to your party outfit in summer or winter.

Pearl gray yarn with metal effect. Hand-plaited handles. Silver lining, closes with a magnetic button.

Model: Lua/ Iceberg 001

W: 21,5 cm, H: 18 cm. Handles 44 cm

Price: 35 € including shipping in Europe. 

If you feel the design is too plain, how about decorating the bag with a brooch?

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Femme fatale

Planning to go to the opera? Grand opening of an art exhibition? Even in summer the Femme fatale dresses in black and finishes her outfit with a Milmanda Viva! party bag. Black is dull no more!

Hand-plaited strap, pink satin lining with silver dots. Silver sequins with tiny silver pearls around the border.

Model: Viva! Femme fatale 001

W: 17 cm, H: 18 cm. Strap 55 cm

Price: 32 € including shipping in Europe. 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Milmanda fashion show, part 2!

The Milmanda Sol handbags and totes are perfect for these sunny summer days, when your step is light and happy. Long-lasting materials and classic designs make these handbags The Match for any summer dress or just jeans and a t-shirt.

Photos by C.R. 

Estrela White

Estrela Agua

Sweet Rose

Estrela Scarlet

Blackie  (sold)