Friday, 29 May 2015

Milmanda fashion show!

Here´s some examples how well Milmanda Viva! party bags go with dresses - even the more formal ones.

Photos by C.R. 

Quick Silver


So difficult to choose!

Lua/ Coctail White and Pink Dream 

Confetti Red


Too many party bags? Nooooo! Not enough parties!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Hot Chocolate

This milk chocolate brown with a bit of gold is not just one of my favourites, but that of some of my friends, too. Just looking at it makes me want to have a bit of chocolate, mmmm!

Lining with golden print. Closes with a magnetic button.

Model: Sol / Hot Chocolate 001

W: 28 cm, H: 26 cm. Strap/handle 52 cm

Price: 55 € including shipping in Europe. 


Summer outfits are not just colours. Black and white are always a classic choice, and for a black outfit you'll need a black handbag. Or red. Could be turquoise, too. But for a black&white outfit you definitely need a black handbag. Or white. Your choice!

Simple, lasting pattern. Yarns mercerized cotton & shiny polyester. Lining black with golden print. Closes with a black button with a golden spiral.

Model: Sol / Blackie 001

W: 31 cm, H: 24 cm. Strap/handle 53 cm

Price: 50 € including shipping in Europe. 

Pink Dream

Yep, I admit, this one is quite girly. But, admitting that, I confess that I've had a similar bag in summer parties, including a wedding. It goes extremely well with light floral patterns, including a bit of pink.

Pink sequins with tiny pink pearls around the border. Hand-plaited furry strap, silver lining. Closes with a magnetic button.

Model: Viva! Pink Dream 001

W: 16 cm, H: 16 cm. Strap 42 cm

Price: 32 € including shipping in Europe. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Sweet Rose

Pink and beige with a little bit of metal glitter are the combination of this simple, classic bag/tote. Big enough to carry your purse, a book and a cardigan for the cooler summer days or a towel for the beach. The stripes of the cotton lining go perfectly with the colours of the yarn. These two were made to be together!

Lining of striped cotton. Closes with a magnetic button. 

Recycled material: lining

Model: Sol / Sweet Rose 001

W: 33 cm, H: 27 cm. Straps 63 cm

Price: 55 € including shipping in Europe.  

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Cocktail White

The Milmanda party bags, or evening bags, are not all fluffy. There's a line of elegant evening bags whose beauty lies in their simple design.

This Cocktail bag has a simple lace pattern. Not too decorative, but enough to give it a lighter look. The yarn is a mixture with a little bit of silver. 

White lining. Hand-plaited strap. Closes with a metal button. 

Model: Lua / Cocktail White 001

W: 22 cm, H: 18 cm. Strap 66 cm

Price: 35 € including shipping in Europe. 

Estrela Scarlet

What is bright red and is an essential part of summer? The answer is not strawberries, but this lovely handbag called Estrela Scarlet. Red is hot!

Yarn 100 % mercerized cotton, lining cotton print.

Recycled material: lining, strap rings. 

Model: Sol / Estrela Scarlet 001

W: 29 cm, H: 26 cm. Strap 64 cm

Price: 65 € including shipping in Europe. 


When I first saw this flame-coloured yarn, I thought that it was a bit too much. Then I saw what a friend of mine made of it, and practically ran to buy a couple of balls. This little flame would be a real eye-catcher in any party, don't you think?

Strap of metal effect cord, cotton lining with golden print. 

Model: Viva! Flame 001

W: 16 cm, H: 16 cm. Strap 57 cm

Price: 28 € including shipping in Europe. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015


This fluffy darling is a combination of creamy white and gold. Simple and elegant, no frills needed.

Again would go nicely with an off-white wedding dress, or for bridesmaids.

Strap of metal effect cord, lining golden satin.

Model: Viva! Goldie 001

W: 16 cm, H: 17 cm. Strap 57 cm

Price: 28 € including shipping in Europe. 


This yarn is slightly different from most of the Viva! models. It looks like a rug, and in fact I've seen handbags made of rugs. I read somewhere that blue is back, and with this electric blue you can definitely have some flashbacks to the 90's! Or was it 80's...?

Hand-plaited strap, blue pearls around the border, lining striped Indian cotton with a bit of gold.

Model: Viva! Electra 001

W: 16 cm, H: 18 cm. Strap 44 cm

Price: 30 € including shipping in Europe.