Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Silver Fox

When I first saw this silver yarn, it reminded me of those threads that you put on a Christmas tree. So, there's no evening bag more perfect for Christmas parties than this Silver Fox. Except, perhaps, a scarlet one (coming soon).

Fluffy silver yarn. Tiny sequins around the border. Dark silver cord for a longish strap. Black lining with silver and golden rings.

Recycled material: lining (leftover fabric).

Model: Viva! Silver Fox 001

W: 18 cm, H: 19 cm. Strap 86 cm

Price: 26 € including shipping in Europe. 

Saturday, 10 October 2015


Red, white, silver - those are the colours of this chic party bag. Not too flashy, yet there's something special about it. What could it be? Ah, yes, I've got it. It's a Milmanda!

Silver chain for a strap. Bordered with silver beads. Silver lining. Closes with a magnetic button.

Model: Viva! Confetti Red 002

W: 18 cm, H: 20 cm. Strap 44 cm

Price: 28 € including shipping in Europe. 

Monday, 5 October 2015

Little Snow White

Bright white and silver is an elegant combination in this furry little bag. Perfect for a little princess or a winter bride, perhaps?

Silver crochet strap. Silver lining. Closes with a magnetic button.

Model: Viva! / Snow White 002

W: 16 cm, H: 16 cm. Strap 46 cm

Price: 30 € including shipping in Europe. 

Saturday, 3 October 2015


Imagine this: you're in a trendy cocktail bar, having a martini or whatever, glancing around you. Your mobile phone rings, and you reach out for it in this bag - yes, this fruity, furry Cranberries bag, that matches the red of your luscious lips and bright nails. Is anyone looking at you? you wonder. Yes, they are!

Golden chain for a strap. Paisley pattern lining of light cotton satin. Closes with a metal button.

Model: Viva! / Cranberries 001

W: 21 cm, H: 23 cm. Strap 53 cm

Price: 35 € including shipping in Europe.